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Such a wonderful experience people have shopping in Central & Eastern Europe! Prices are much more favourable comparing to prices in Western countries. Quality of products is really high, all purchased items are refundable within 2 years and in many countries, you can claim the refund of the tax. Shops are open throughout the year from morning till evening and shopping is always a good option in case the weather is not perfect for walking outside.  In big cities there are shopping malls with different brand shops offering at the same time variety of food courts – from Italian cuisine to Indian. You will always find there a right present for your loved ones!


Arrival from India in Prague by plane late afternoon. After immigration procedures you will proceed to the hotel in the city centre. Check in and relax for a while before your first walk in Prague. A local guide will take you from Wenceslas Sq. downhill to Old Town Square and on to a boat pier (walking distance 20 min.) from where you will take a one-hour evening cruise.

After breakfast we will head the famous spa town of Carlsbad (Karlovy Vary).

Discover the place where the magical world of Moser crystal is born. Experience the authentic atmosphere of glass production by hand, breathe in the scent of fired wooden moulds and take in the 160-year history of the Moser Glassworks. You will visit shopping gallery where you can buy artistic glass and crystal pieces, handicrafts and also items for daily use – each piece is original itself.  

Carlsbad is the second most visited tourist spot in the Czech Republic and thanks to its unique architecture, it is one of Europe’s most beautiful spa towns. It is the incarnation of spa elegance, imposing colonnades, exclusive spa buildings and a wonderful layout in the heart of a forested valley. You can fill a spa jug from one of the 13 local healing springs and stroll in the shadows of colonnades. The hottest of the springs Vridlo – it emerges from the deep and the water has an incredible temperature of 72°C!

Today you will visit shopping mall(s) according your preferences and budget. After satisfying your shopping appetite be relaxed – take a body massage, do meditate in meditation centre or sip wonderful hot chocolate with thick cream over it.   

Did you know that Daniel Swarovski was a Bohemian jeweller? Daniel inspired by the idea of making crystal accessible to more people, patents an electric cutting machine that cuts crystal more precisely than by hand. In 1895 he founds Swarovski in the small town of Wattens, high in the Austrian alps, because the energy potential offered by nearby rivers. So nowadays World-famous brand was born. In Prague you will find several Swarovski shops across Prague.

After breakfast you check out and head to Vienna. On the way you will stop in the medieval, well preserved town of Cesky Krumlov. You can visit the castle fortress, one of Europe's best preserved, and still have some time to explore this photogenic old town with cobbled lanes. You will reach Vienna lete afternoon.

Highlight of your trip is waiting for you just few minutes’ drive from Vienna - enjoy international brands, which range from casual fashion, sport, outdoor and shoes, up to accessories and lifestyle products. The more than 70 shops are managed by the brands themselves or their exclusive trade partners. On offer are the previous year’s fashions and sample parts that are always up to 70 % cheaper than the manufacturers’ recommended retail prices!

In the morning, you can admire the Baroque architecture as you enter Schonbrunn Zoo, dating back to the days of Empress Maria Theresia. Check out the breakfast pavilion in the centre where you can still enjoy an "Imperial Breakfast," if you choose. You can wander around the area’s many attractions, including koalas, jaguars, orangutans, elephants and the beloved giant pandas. After spotting some of your favourite creatures, head the rainforest mirroring the unique ecosystems of Borneo.
After lunch you can enjoy a bird’s-eye view of the city with a trip on the Giant Ferris Wheel, an iconic symbol of Vienna’s Prater, the large public park. The wheel is visible from all over the city with its distinct silhouette and offers incredible views of Vienna from the top. Hop on to enjoy this architectural gem from all angles. Travel up 212 feet (64.75 meters) and take in the unique views of the city. Each ride lasts approximately 12-20 mins.

Later in the afternoon take a journey through the history of Europe at Madame Tussauds wax museum, where you’ll have an audience with Empress Maria Theresa, go into battle with Napoleon, meet Karl Marx and learn more about Oskar Schindler! Or, say hello to today’s sports stars and pose for photos with movie stars like Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Nicole Kidman and Michael Jackson.

Breakfast is provided, but there are no activities today. It's a breeze to reach Budapest's airport by bus or taxi. You'll have easy connections back home.

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